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What We Do To Market Homes

Our primary goal is to advertise your property in the media venues that will expose it to the greatest number of potential buyers. We endeavor to position your property where it will be seen by buyers who are actually interested in purchasing a home, and likely purchasing a property like yours.

In over two decades of experience in the local real estate market, we’ve had ample opportunity to gauge the effectiveness of all the various types of media to market your home. This, combined with extensive studies and industry research, allows us to advertise your property where it’s most likely to be seen by potential buyers anywhere in the world. Our experience shows us that the most efficacious marketing and advertising plan includes the following:

Comprehensive listing with professional photos in the appropriate MLS systems and websites locally, nationally and internationally.

Custom personalized signs for broker caravans and open houses with 25+ years of local recognized branding — this brings more buyers to your property.

Weekly appearances in Saturday and/or Sunday L.A. Times ads; we’ll inform you weekly of the interest buyers have specific to your property.

Full-page advertisements for your initial broker-only open house in our local MLS Broker Open House Guide, and Showcase ads for subsequent open houses.

Custom full-color “Just Listed” postcards sent to residents along Ocean Avenue, Palisades Beach Road, and neighboring areas.

Custom full-color brochures and/or flyers made available at open houses for interested buyers and for brokers who may have qualified buyers for your property.

We’ve developed a comprehensive direct email program to market your property to potential buyers. We regularly send out targeted, custom-designed emails including broker and buyer newsletters, new listing announcements, price reduction announcements and open house schedules. Our email marketing reaches over 100,000 households and includes:

  • Our private client list
  • Over 2,000 local investors and industry leaders
  • Over 7,000 top local, national and international real estate agents and brokers

Through OceanAveLiving.com and TheAgencyRE.com, as well as over two dozen national and international real estate sites, your property will receive global exposure on the internet. Potential buyers can view photos and information on your property from anywhere, at any time.  

In addition, David Solomon is personally connected to millions of potential buyers via numerous business and personal networking sites. We’ve optimized our presence on these sites to draw colleagues and business professionals to our own website to get your property in front of as many people as possible.

Your property will be featured in our own custom monthly email newsletter, which is delivered to David’s private client list comprised of approximately 1,000 individuals including attorneys, surgeons, CEOs, CFOs, captains of industry, celebrities, entertainers and sports personalities, most of whom he has previously represented. It will also be featured in our regular email updates to over 2,000 local agents and brokers.

All new listings, price reductions and sales are advertised to top area brokers via a personalized email from David Solomon to their personal email addresses on a regular basis.

Please feel free to call or email us to schedule a confidential and private meeting.  We will be glad to walk you through our entire marketing system and show you step-by-step how our sellers achieve top dollar for their properties.